Reverting to Type

The launch of website has the link to the excellent 'Reverting to Type' exhibition at The Standpoint  Gallery, of which I was part of the 'Portfolio of Artists' back in 2010 :

R everting to Type was an exhibition of contemporary letterpress practitioners held at Standpoint Gallery in Hoxton, London during December 2010—January 2011.

In the five weeks it was open it attracted over 2,500 visitors and a huge amount of attention in the design press.

The exhibition’s aim was to showcase how the centuries-old craft of letterpress is being reinvented by progressive practitioners. It was curated by Graham Bignell of New North Press and graphic designer Richard Ardagh and featured the work of 20 presses from around the world—from seven countries in all—and three of London's leading art colleges.

Over a hundred typographic prints were exhibited, plus books and cards and a specially commissioned portfolio of prints by artists, designers and wordsmiths which form Reverting to Type Portfolio