Words over Waltham Forest 20th Oct - 17th Nov 2013

As part of Words over Waltham Forest I will be exhibiting a piece work titled 'Have Your Cake and Eat It' at L'Hirondelle in Hoe street, Walthamstow, London E17 during the length of the Festival. Opening times can be got from the Words over Waltham Forest link below: http://wordsoverwalthamforest.co.uk/?tribe_events=love-cake-the-idiom
- and some background information on the work:
I have been working with ‘Sign Language’ on and off for 20yrs. I was initially drawn to it through the process of seeking to understand my own three dimensional language in Sculpture.
Historically, I have used the standardized British Sign Language (BSL) alphabet to spell out the works. In this project I have utilized the more articulated gestural style of Arabic Sign Language (ArSL).
ArSL like the spoken language is very ‘rich’ and with as many dialects, perhaps even more than spoken. This factor, amongst others, has made it difficult to create a standardized version throughout the whole Arabic signing community. However it could be that, for good or for bad, recent developments in phone technology in respect of Sign Language ‘Apps’ will bring about a global change to the current nationalistic nature of ‘standardized’ Sign Languages across the world.
That said, it is the more universal nature of sign as used by signers and non-singers alike that I draw on to create the work ‘Have your cake and eat it’, and whether its tongue in cheek, the wink of an eye, or just a smile, I nod in the direction of our fundamental need to communicate and celebrate in the multi-various ways in which we do it.

I am also presently showing work of a similar vein in 'Finamore' shop window in Orford Road E17.